Related Links

The following links will aid in influencing my blog with the insight they provide involving social media and it’s impact on today’s generations.

Bradley uses his blog to define Social Media and determine 6 core principles that underlie the value of social media solutions.

Patel’s blog explains the evolution, impact on society, advantages and disadvantages of social media on young generations.

Karl goes on in their blog to talk about how strongly social media can influence peoples lives.

Mangas explains in her blog how manufacturing has improved in the past 20 plus years due to technological advancements. These advancements in manufacturing have affected the younger generations of today.

RossBackup and their blog lays out the modern business advancements that have come about through the technological advancements made; how the business world runs more efficiently through these advancements.

Taylor, in his blog, analyzes how technology that we have now is changing the way today’s children think and focus, as opposed to those children that didn’t have the technology available today.

Modo Labs Team focuses their blog on teens and college students and their heavy usage of the social media world and it’s impact.

Jones looks at social media as a whole in her blog and how it affects human interaction in society.

A blog on lingua greca’s website takes a look at social media and its affect on different aspects of our everyday lives.

Pyle writes in her blog about her view on social media and its impact on the next generation; focusing on young children and how it affects them and their lives.


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