Texting Habits Make for Illiteracy in the Real World

The world of texting and twitter uses grammar very differently than we’re used to in the real world. The younger generation is so accustomed to their texting habits that it’s translating into their school work creating struggles with grammar mistakes in papers they write.

“Thirty per cent of students who are admitted are not able to pass at a minimum level, we would certainly like it to be a lot lower.” – Ann Barrett, Managing Director of the English Language Proficiency Exam at Waterloo University.

Kids are so accustomed to the way they text and tweet that they don’t even think to change it in their schoolwork.


In this tweet, the user spells “because” like “bcuz” simply out of laziness. For those of you familiar with twitter, you can only post a tweet that is 140 characters or less. It is clear that this tweet is less than 140 characters and the user could have easily completely spelled out the word because. This is how kids in this generation talk on social media, and transfer it into their work at school.

Because the way society functions is changing, educators much change the curriculum for kids and alter the way that they teach grammar. Technology comes with the leisure of spellcheck and phones even have autocorrect now. This almost makes life so easy as if students don’t need to learn spelling and grammar because computers and phones do it all for us.

This greatly not only affects students work in school, but also will affect their efforts to get a job in the future. Thus, we circle back to the fact that adults need to change the way they educate students and adapt to technology in order to alter the curriculum that they teach.


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