Technology’s Advantages for Networking

Before technology, all networking was done in person, with face-to-face interactions. Now, with platforms such as LinkedIn, almost all networking can be done through technology. LinkedIn isn’t the only way to network either. All platforms of social media are grounds for young adults to build up their professional social circle.


Not only does technology build your network of business professionals, but technology gives us more opportunities than ever before in the business world. Anyone can search and apply for jobs anywhere in the country, where before it was all about handing your resume to the right person and striking up the right conversation with them. However, there is a downfall to this. We all know that making a great first impression is easier to do in person than on paper. An employer can’t get a feel for you personality when you apply for a job online. This is where it becomes up to you to take initiative and pester them to talk to you.

FaceTime and Skype are video chat platforms that make interviews and face-to-face interaction easy for employers and potential employees to have. But because the first step of presenting yourself to an employer is almost completely gone in today’s world, people have lacked the social skills that it takes to land a job. They’re already confident because the employer wants to speak with them after reviewing their application and resume, they feel like their first impression was made on paper and care less about the interview rather than if it was their first impression with someone.

The technology we have today can be greatly beneficial to our job searches and networking skills, as long as we use it correctly and remind ourselves that first impressions are always in person, and paper is just a written interpretation of what we can offer as an employee.

Teenage kids are the generation growing up accustomed to this technology and it is up to previous generations to make sure they know the benefits of it and use it properly in the business world. 93% of teens ages 12-17 go online and 73% of teens are on a social network. This proves that this generation will use the internet in their future job searches. For more statistics on Teens and Social Media, click here.


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