The Biggest Family Argument of the 21st Century

Every family member waits for that text each month saying the family has almost reached their data usage limit. Thus, the cause of most family fights in the 21st century has evolved.


The argument of who uses the most data on a family plan is a constant one in today’s society. Since teenagers are constantly on their phones, or that’s how it seems, most if not all of the blame is based on the kids of the family.

Business News Daily spells out ways in which people can conserve mobile data. It is possible to be on a family data plan and still not go over the data limit for that month. Ways such as setting alerts for when you need to cut back on your data usage, connecting to wifi whenever available, and even going as far as changing your data plan if it comes down to that. These methods are not only affective for families going over data limits, but businesses who use a lot of their data at work.

The fact that our society is so technology driven is definitely a major factor of data averages. It’s not only teenagers either. Adults are consumed by their phones just as much. Almost everything, every day to day task, can be done on a cell phone now. With that in mind, everyone is almost constantly on their phones.

So stop blaming teenagers for always being on their phones and using up all the family data. Conserve family data and realize that the world is changing and technology is a huge part of that. The advances made affect everyone and their daily lives, not just the kids we are blaming.



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