Evolution of Technology in Long Distance Relationships

Technology affects our lives greatly, meaning that it affect the people’s lives around us too. The advancements made especially has a positive impact on people in long distance relationships. Services such as FaceTime and snapchat make it much easier for couples in long distance relationships to communicate than years ago before this technology was introduced. A Social Times article provides the evolution of the long distance relationship involving technology.


Years ago, people used to have to write letters to communicate to their loved ones while geographically separated. I remember hearing my cousin tell stories of how she had to write her boyfriend letters as he was serving in the military. They would talk once or twice a week via a pen and paper. Being in a long distance relationship myself now, I can’t imagine not talking to my boyfriend every day on the phone, or texting him about something funny that happens to me moments after it happens. There is no way  I would have been able to go months without hearing his voice and just reading the words he had to tell me on paper. But that’s because of the way I grew up and the world that I grew up in.

Constantly being able to talk to my boyfriend makes this relationship so much easier than those in the past. I don’t know how long distance relationships even made it before the technological advances.

The Wall Street Journal tells the story of a couple, Neil and Andrea, who conquered long distance and created a strong relationship despite the geographical obstacles that they faced. The advancements made clearly have made a positive impact on long distance relationships and made it easier for couples to overcome the obstacles that distance creates.



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