Snapchat: My Story and It’s Many Purposes


With the evolution of technology comes the evolution of social media venues. One of the most popular one of these is Snapchat. Snapchat is an application where you create an account, add friends, and are able to send pictures and videos to them that they can only view for 1-10 seconds and then in disappears. The application also allows you to post pictures and videos on what is called “My Story.” These pictures and videos posted on your story can be viewed by everyone on your friends list and disappears after 24 hours. Essentially, this is a way for people to walk through their day and make it visible for all their friends, post something important that they want many people to see, or just show off something about your life that day. However it’s used, it’s great way to get many people’s attention in one 24-hour span.


While interning with Cleveland 19 News over this past summer, our digital marketing team relied on snapchat a lot to promote events we were holding or participating in. It was a great way to showcase the events going on that day, and everyone who followed us on Snapchat saw our stories and brought great turnouts to all our events.

Cleveland 19 News did an event over the summer when Pokemon Go was big. The event was posted all over the station’s Snapchat account and had such a huge Draw that the station later wrote an article of the event. The station asked people where the best place to catch Pokemon in Downtown Cleveland was, and these are some of their answers.


But the My Story feature on Snapchat and what you post on it means nothing if you don’t have the right following. published an article on how to build a fanbase on Snapchat for your business.

Social Media, in this case Snapchat, gives businesses the advantage that businesses in earlier years didn’t have. Just another example of how technological advances have created advantages in today’s world that, when used properly, can benefit our lives greatly.


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