The LG Pocket Printer


LG has introduced a portable pocket printer that has changed the way we print and share photos. The 72x120x24mm Pocket Printer not only allows you to print photos anywhere, anytime, but also allows you to edit and customize your photos.

This revolutionary piece of portable technology dismisses the need to run to the store and wait an hour for your photos to be printed and ready. The Inquirer and LG named the Pocket Printer “the smallest and lightest mobile photo printer available.” It’s many functions include:

  • Instant mobile printing
  • Printing 2x3in images
  • Easy bluetooth connection
  • Smart NFC connection which allows you to instantly run the application associated with the printer
  • Customized editing
  • Adjustable photo filter
  • Posting the D-days, in other words, making notes to remember important dates
  • DYI Photo frame
  • Photo split function
  • “No need ink” feature

The Printer ranges from $100.00 to $160.00 and can be purchased at various locations including:

With all these incredible features, it almost doesn’t make sense to print photos in any other way. LG brought us a new and advanced technological piece of equipment that makes our photo sharing lives easier than ever before. Similar to most other companies, LG is making strides to adapt to our advancing technological society.




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