Mobile Sports Updates for the 21st Century

Gone are the days of waiting until the next day to find out who won the game you missed the night before, and they have been gone for quite some time now. There are hundreds of sports apps available to smart phone users in today’s advanced world.

Being a West Virginia college student who loves her hometown sports teams, this especially impacts me. Living in west Virginia for 9 months out of the year makes it challenging for me to follow the Cleveland Indians, my favorite sports team. Not may of the Indians games are available on T.V. out in West Virginia, this is where the mobile sports apps come in. img_9873

I specifically use a mobile app called “At Bat.” With this app, you can choose the teams you want to follow and receive updates for. I like it because the alerts you get for each team tell you exactly what happened. I know right away when someone for the indians hits a home run, or when the other team we’re facing makes a play against us.

img_0234The app not only updates you on the current game being played, but also allows you to see scores from past games played as well. It’s great because you can see other teams scores without getting updates from the game they played, you only get the updates for the teams that you choose to follow.

Lastly, the app isn’t just a way to stay updated on your favorite teams, but it also serves as a great way to keep up with all sports related news. The app organizes your news feed according to the teams you follow. This includes top stories that involve your teams players, injuries, and accomplishments of your teams. However, the app also shows you breaking sports news whether it involves your teams or not. With the growing world of technology today, there are hundreds of ways to get your news rather than a newspaper. This is a great advantage for all sports networks, according to the Huffington Pots.

fullsizerender-4      fullsizerender-3





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