Technology and Alumni

This week in Interactive Journalism we had a guest speaker named Hunter Homistek. He is an alumni of West Virginia University who writes professionally for FloSports, in particular FloCombat, which covers MMA fighting. Hunter came to speak to us about how he came to be where his is in his life right now.

He told us that his favorite way to market himself was Twitter. This would not have been the answer of someone giving this talk 20, or even 10 years ago. wrote an article about how alumni keeping in touch with their schools is no longer via phone call, but almost all over the internet. I can guess that Professor Britten follow Hunter on social media and frequently reads his work for FloCombat.

Seeing as Hunter was one of Britten’s former students, he likely wants to keep up with him and what’s he’s been dog since school. Britten most likely reached to Hunter and had him come speak to our class because he saw how successful he was from the skills he learned in this class.

This is how alumni keep in touch with their schools now because of the technological advances that our world has. The technology that we have today gives us advantages like these and many more.


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