Technology is constantly changing and advancing in this world. From cell phones that were simply used to make phone calls away from the home, to mini computers that fit in our pockets, in just 10 years the technological advances society has made are incredible.

This blog will not only analyze the technological advancements that society has made in 10 plus years, but also look at the pros and cons of the advancements as well as look at the parental angle of technology and children.

You can expect weekly posts including statistics on technological advances over the past 10 plus years, parental views on technology for their kids, the benefits of technology in school systems and education vs. the effect technology has on certain generations ability to hold face to face conversations.

Other blogs such as rossbackup.com and gray.com talk about the impact of technological advancements in different fields of study such as medical and business fields. This blogs takes an inside look at how we got to those impacts through advancements as different generations grew up, how they grew up and parental views on technology in each generation.


I’m Lydia Alexander, a student journalist at West Virginia University. I’m currently a senior studying journalism and communication in their Reed College of Media. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio where I had an internship with CBS News this past summer, expanding my knowledge and understanding in the field of journalism.

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